General questions.


What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Southern California and have affiliates across the country.

Court Questions


Will all California Courts accept fax filings?

Yes. California Courts accepts fax filings as long as they conform to their court rules, with the exception of court appeals and criminal court filings.


Will all Federal Courts accept fax filings?

Most Federal California Courts accept fax filings as long as they conform to their court rules, except where courts require attorneys direct e-filing.


Does the court require the originals?

No. According to California Rules of Court #2007(d) Not-withstanding any provision of law to the contrary, including sections 255 and 260 of the Evidence Code, a signature produced by facsimile transmission is an original.


How will I get confirmation that my documents were filed?

Michelson Attorney Service, will call, email, or fax your conformed copy back to you the next business Day after filing.


How do you handle court filing fees?

Michelson Attorney Service, will advance any fees with a 5% service fee as long as there is a Credit Card on file.

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Los Angeles Process Server

Process Serving Questions


Are you able to serve a faxed or emailed document?

Yes, we can serve any documents faxed for service of process. However, some courts require the original document(s).


Do you file the proof after service?

We can file proofs of service at an additional charge.


Will you advance witness fees?

Yes, we will advance any witness fees for customers with a 5% service fee.


What is the difference between Same Day and Rush?

  1. Same Day is received by our 12:00pm and is either completed or attempted by the end of the day.
  2. Rush is received by 12:00pm and attempted within 24 hours.

Research Questions


Is there guarantee to obtain copies?

No, because we do not control the court file and have limited court access.

How do I get my copies once you have obtained them?

We can either, scan, email or fax. We can mail or overnight delivery. Appropriate fees will apply.


How long does it take to obtain my copies?

It will depend on each assignment.

How do you handle large copy assignments?

We will request a page limit to order or copy. Sometimes we may request a not to exceed check for copies, given that some case files can have hundreds or thousands of pages.

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