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We pride ourselves in understanding the need for excellent service within the fields of process serving, court filing and skip tracing.

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Michelson Attorney Service in Los Angeles, CA for landlords to evict their tenants

Welcome to Michelson Attorney Services

We are a fully licensed Process serving firm in Los Angeles, delivering exceptional services to our clients since 1994. Michelson has grown over the years to become one of the leaders in the industry.

How we help

We are committed to offering our clients with unique methods of operating to ensure the highest quality of services available at affordable rates.

Service of process

We will provide you with a certified process server to serve your subpoenas in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California.

Court filings

We are in and out of the courts all the time and can properly file your proof of service for you.

Skip tracing

Comprehensive skip tracing services to locate individuals for legal proceedings and document deliveries.

Eviction notices

We will ensure your papers are served according to the law so that your case isn’t delayed.

We walk the walk, they talk the talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check out our FAQs for help. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us below! 

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Southern California and have affiliates across the country.

Will all California Courts accept fax filings?

Yes. California Courts accepts fax filings as long as they conform to their court rules, with the exception of court appeals and criminal court filings.

Will all Federal Courts accept fax filings?

Most Federal California Courts accept fax filings as long as they conform to their court rules, except where courts require attorneys direct e-filing.

Does the court require the originals?

Michelson Attorney Service, will call, email, or fax your conformed copy back to you the next business Day after filing.

How do you handle court filing fees?

Michelson Attorney Service, will advance any fees with a 5% service fee as long as there is a Credit Card on file.


Ready to get started?

We will help you streamline your court filing as well as service of process procedures efficiently. We’re always available whenever you need us. As we combine professionalism and experience with top notch customer service you are guaranteed to get the highest level of assistance you deserve.

Michelson Attorney Services is a leading Attorney services provider in Los Angeles.

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